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About Us


You are in right place, Dental Point is here to help you to face the challenges of this change. Dental Point’s aim to introduce high quality Dental / Surgical instruments in the world’s market. The mix of traditional skills and modern day knowledge of our experts enable us to manufacture Dental Instruments that set a class apart, tailored to meet the changing demands of modern surgery.


We, at Dental Point Pty Ltd, value our R&D division. Our organization structure and communications are line to endorse innovation. Coordinated R&D activities at Dental Point not only help us meet unique partner requirements about hospital equipment but also assists us to introduce new market disrupting healthcare products.

Dental Point is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality equipment for the Dental and Surgical markets. Strong Customer Relations Build on Trust. Employee and Community Respect. Operational Excellence. Solid Financial Position.

We strive to provide superior customer service, technical service, and product support to our customers, ensuring their continued success. Dental Point is committed to total customer satisfaction by achieving the goals set forth by our Core Values System upon which our business is founded.

Dental Point is a medical device manufacturer committed to providing the highest level of excellence to our clients, vertical integration and comprehensive value-added services to offer a complete single source solution.

Dental Point will focus on operational excellence in all of our actions which provides quality and satisfaction to our customers. Dental Point will consistently respect all fellow employees through open lines of communication and sustain all business relationships through accountability, honesty, integrity and good business ethics.

Dental Point is committed to satisfy our customers by carrying out systematic activities effectively and efficiently, providing them high quality products at appropriate time and competitive price.

Customer satisfaction is important to us and we regularly monitor this through a customer telephone survey which is carried out on a monthly basis. We regularly review feedback and make the necessary improvements to ensure we are continually improving satisfaction.



All I have to do is email or call Dental Point with the catalogue number or description of an item and they respond back the same day with the possible Detail. Everything we've purchased is excellent, top quality and very cost-effective.
E. Michaelides, MD
Professor Surgery-Otolaryngology, Salina Surgical Hospital