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C-Section Instruments Name and their Uses

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C-Section Instruments Name and their Uses

Cesarean Section Instruments set by Dental Point

This C-Section Instruments Set is composed of operating room-grade instruments which are made from German stainless steel in Germany. These instruments have a satin finish and come with a lifetime warranty.

C-Section Instruments Set Contain:

Cesarean Section Instruments set by dental point small

What is a C Section?

A C Section also called a cesarean section or cesarean delivery, is a surgical procedure in which a baby is delivered through incisions in your abdomen and uterus. They’re performed when a vaginal delivery is not possible or safe, or when the health of you or your baby is at risk.

Backhaus Towel Clamps

The Backhaus towel clamp is a perforating clamp. It is used for grasping the tissue, securing towels or drapes, and holding or reducing small bone fractures. Backhaus Towel Clamp is mainly used to fasten drapes or towels to patients during medical procedures in order for them to stay on. The pointed tips of the Backhaus towel clamp jaws cave inward so that they enter both the skin and drape.

The Backhaus towel clamp is designed with ring-handles and ratchet. The ratchet locking allows the clamp to remain in place until it is released. The Backhaus towel clamp design is available in 9cm and 12cm lengths.

Wrigley-Obstetrical-Delivery Forceps Stainless-Steel

Wrigley Obstetrical Delivery Forceps

Wrigley Obstetrical Outlet Forceps have short stems and blades that can minimize the risk of a serious complication called uterine rupture. It’s most often used in deliveries in which the baby is far along in the birth canal.

It might also be used during cesarean delivery, these forceps are designed to aid in the delivery of the fetus by applying traction to the fetal head. We have a wide range of obstetrical forceps in different shapes and sizes.

Wrigley Obstetrical Forceps is a specialized device in c section instruments set which helps to rotate and pull out the baby’s head while decreasing the maternal and fetal mortality.

Adson Artery Forceps Straight and Curved

Adson Artery Forceps Straight and Curve are  use for grasping  and compressing an Artery  Forceps Straight and Curve to control bleeding. This process is known as hemostasis, typically using handles that can be hold in a place by a looking mechanisms.

They feature a locking mechanisms at the top of forceps to secure them in place during procedures. We have a vast range of these forceps.

Adson Artery Forceps  use finger loops to facilitate handling . The finger loops are usually grasp by the thumb and middle or ring finger, while the index finger help the stabilize and guide the instrument.

The Adson Artery Forceps offers a broad range of surgical benefits. Its principal use is to manipulate blood vessels and control hemostasis to prevent surgical complications. For this purpose, the instrument includes a pair of jaws with delicate transverse serrations that prevent endothelial damage.

Curved Artery forceps
Littlewood Tissue Forceps 19cm 2x3 Teeth

Littlewood Tissue Forceps 19cm 2×3 Teeth

Littlewood intestinal and tissue grasping forceps are gynaecological instruments that are use to grasp tissues such as the skin,the Linea Alba, and the rectus sheath and retract it during gynaecological procedures including classical caesarian section,myomectomy as well as during abdominal laparotomy and laparoscopic surgeries.Often Littlewood intestinal and tissue grasping forceps are use in cesarean procedures,

Health and Care surgical instruments are manufacture using the correct grades of stainless steel.

The tips have “teeth” to securely hold a tissue.Typically tissue forceps are design to minimize damage to biological tissue.Littlewood Tissue Forceps are use for delicate tissue handling and traction during a procedure.

Mayo-Hegar Needle Holders (TC)

A Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder (TC), also called needle driver or needle forceps,

is a surgical instrument similar to a hemostat, used by doctors and surgeons to hold and push a suturing needle

when performing wound closure, ligation, and other surgical procedures that require re-anastomosis.

Being specialized forceps, the components of a typical needle holder are the jaws (often reinforced with tungsten carbide inserts),

The hinged joint and the handles (typically with finger rings at the end).

Most needle holders also have a ratchet mechanism that locks the handles together and clamps the needle firmly between the jaws,

allowing the user to maneuver the needle through various tissues without having to keep squeezing the grip.

To maintain a firm grip on the needle, the jaws are often texture and short compared to the handles (increasing the mechanical advantage of using the principle of a lever).

Mayo-Hegar Needle Holders (TC)
Green Armitage c section Forceps

Green Armytage C-Section Hemostatic Forceps

Green Armytage C-Section Hemostatic Forceps are a type of surgical instrument that is commonly used during cesarean deliveries, also known as c-sections. These forceps have a scissor-like design with serrated jaws that are used to grasp and hold tissue. They are typically used to clamp and occlude bleeding vessels in the uterine wall during a c-section, helping to control bleeding and maintain a sterile surgical field.

Green Armytage forceps may also be used to hold and manipulate tissues, as well as assist in the delivery of the baby if necessary. These forceps are a useful tool in the operating room, allowing surgeons to safely and effectively perform c-sections and deliver babies. They are an important part of the surgical team, helping to ensure the success and safety of the procedure.

Allis Tissue Forceps 4×5 Teeth 19cm

Allis Tissue Forceps 19cm for finger rings ratcheted forceps of use for firmly grasping organs,

and slippery or dense allis tissue forceps are Surgical forces during surgery. Finger rings and ratchet forceps are used for firmly grasping organs and slippery or dense tissue during surgery.

Teeth curve to the inside and design. To help decrease general pressure applied to the area. Made of the finest German Stainless steel for durability. Surgical grade to provide the highest level of craftsmanship.

The Allis clamp is a surgical instrument with sharp teeth. also, use to grasp fascia and soft tissues such as breast or bowel tissue. Allis clamps can cause damage, so they often use in tissue removal. Allis Tissue Forceps 19cm is used to grasp the cervix to stabilize the uterus as when an intrauterine device of inserts, an Allis Tissue Forceps has the

advantage of causing less bleeding than the more commonly used tenaculum.

Allis Tissue Forceps 4x5 Teeth 19cm
Scalpel Handle for Surgical Blade

Scalpel Handle for Surgical Blade

The scalpel Handle for Surgical Blade is designed ergonomically, and precise Fingertip control is required for hand surgery and other delicate cutting along curved lines or Dissection. The High-Quality Stainless Steel assures a Rust-proof handle.

The High-Quality Stainless Steel assures a Rust-proof Handle. Premium Quality High Polished thick metal handle is durable and comfortable to use. Created with Superior Craftsmanship, with a high degree of Precision and flexibility for smooth and easy use in conducting clinical procedures. surgical blades, Scalpel Handle disposable10, disposable scalpels10 for dermaplaning, podiatry blades, and Dermaplaning. Scalpels disposable #10,

Dermaplane scalpel, Surgical Blade,  dermaplane blades, Surgical Blade Disposable10. Sterile Carbon Steel blades, and Stitch-cutting blades.

sterile scalpel Dsposable, Disposable scalpels 10 for Dermaplaning, Podiatry blades, face scalpel Dermaplaning, Scalpels Disposable #10,Dermaplane scalpeles.

Doyen Abdominal Retractors 25 cm

Doyen Abdominal Retractors And Speculum 50 mm x 85mm – 25 cm is a handheld retractor used primarily in abdominal OB/GYN procedures such as Abdominal hysterectomies, cesarean section deliveries, and procedures for ectopic pregnancies.

Doyen Abdominal Retractors And Speculum 50 mm x 85mm – 25 cm is a multipurpose surgical tool that allows surgeons to widen surgical incisions for exposing their underlying cavities, hidden spaces, and the organs within the operating site. Wide Curved Blade For Retracting Multiple Tissue Layers. Concave Upper Blade Surface For Enhancing Surgical Vision.

Doyen Abdominal Retractors And Speculum 50 mm x 85mm - 25 cm
Morris Retractors Single Ended 230mm Wide

Morris Retractors Single Ended 230mm

Morris Retractors single-ended is a type of retractor which is used by surgeons and gynecologists so that, they can work in the deep layers of the patient.

The Morris retractors are particularly used when abdominal incisions are made as well close. Making use of such a retractor is important for the surgeon as it allows them to work with clear vision and to be able to move inside the body cavity and repair whatever needs it.

It helps in keeping the incision open and to keep the skin and tissue away from the bones. The organs while surgery is being performed, allow the surgeon to go deeper into the surgical site without having to constantly face it. tissue and skin. Morris Retractors Single End such as the Morris retractor is usually curved. The handle of the retractor is made in a manner to provide the surgeon with the utmost grip and for the instrument to be comfortable while being used

Langenbeck Retractor 21cm Sharp Blade

Langenbeck Retractor 21cm Sharp Blade is a surgical instrument used to separate and manipulate the edges of a surgical incision or wound, or to hold back organs and tissues so that body parts underneath are accessed.

The broad term retractor typically describes a simple steel tool with a curved, hooked, or angled blade, which when in place helps to maintain the desired position of a given region of tissue during surgery.

These simple retractors may be handheld, clamped in place, or suspended at the end of a robotic arm.

Retractors can also be “self-retaining,” and do not need holding once insert,

having two or more blades or hooks that are separate via spring, ratchet, worm gear, or another method.

Langenbeck Retractor 21cm Sharp Blade
Mayo-Stille Dissecting Scissors Curved170 mm (6 3/4")

Mayo-Stille Scissors Curved170 mm

Mayo-Stille Scissors Curve may be made from stainless steel or titanium, with stainless steel ones being marked cheaper than titanium ones. They may also be available in standard or extra-long scissors and typically measure between 6 inches (150 mm) and 6 ¾ inches (170 mm) in length.[2]Like most other modern-day surgical instruments, a vast majority of Mayo-Stille Scissors Curve is made from stainless steel and are disposable due to convenience,

As such scissors do not need to be sterilized and reprocessed

Curve-blade Mayo scissors allow deeper penetration into the wound than the type with straight blades. The curve style of Mayo scissors is used to cut thick tissues such as those found in the uterus, muscles, breast, and foot. Mayo scissors used for dissection are placed in tissue with the tips closed. The scissors are then opened so that the tips open and spread out the tissue during the dissection process.

Ligature Spencer Gum Scissors Straight

Ligature Spencer Gum Scissors Straight a use for suture removal. These scissors have a small hook-shaped tip on a blade that goes under the suture and slightly lifts it before cutting and removal.

This hook also holds the suture so it does not slip away the blade of the scissor before the cutting.

There are many ligature scissors however these scissors use for Gynecology not only scissors but are considered an important gynecological instrument.

Ligature Spencer Scissors used in Gynecology is 5 Inches.

However, commonly available in lengths of 3-1/2”and4-1/2” also available more delicate tips use for removing fine sutures.

Spencer Ligature Scissors are perfect to use as thread scissors and to cut slight surgical wires.

Ligature Spencer Gum Scissors Straight

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