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All Dental point instruments are guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship. This applies only when instruments are used for their intended purpose.

Dental point Instrument’s are guaranteed to Work very finely for their intended purpose for 5 years! You can sterilize them and use them again and again! Guarantee will not be applied if you break the Instruments by putting extra pressure or using wrongly! Any defective instrument will be repaired at no charge at the sole discretion of Dental point Instruments. After it’s guarantee period, service and maintenance are available for a nominal charge. 

Repair and Maintenance:- A full line of repair and maintenance services is available by Dental point. Repair forms are available by contacting customer service at Dental Point.

Limitations:– Repair, alterations or modifications of any product by persons not authorized by Dental point Instruments or abuse of products (physical or chemical) will result in immediate loss of guarantee.