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Tag - Suture Practice Tools

a man holding forceps and scalpel and practicing on regular suture pad

A Brief Introduction of the Suture Practice Tools & Pads

Suture Practice Tools:   Hegar Needle DriverIris Scissors Scalpel Blade Handle Adson Forceps: Forceps toothed at the tip used for handling dense tissue, such as in skin closures Suture Practice Tools.Mosquito Forceps: Mosquitos play an important role in paediatric surgery. A small, straight, or curved haemostatic forceps used to hold delicate tissue or compress a bleeding vessel.Nylon Monofilament & Polypropylene Monofilament: Monofilament or invisible thread is a good choice for many quilting projects. Monofilament thread typically comes in transparent smoke and clear colours. Since it's shiny,...