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Tag - Cesarean Section

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C-Section Instruments Name and their Uses

Cesarean Section Instruments set by Dental Point This C-Section Instruments Set is composed of operating room-grade instruments which are made from German stainless steel in Germany. These instruments have a satin finish and come with a lifetime warranty.C-Section Instruments Set Contain:1x Wrigley Obstetrical Delivery Forceps1x Doyen Abdominal Retractors 25 cm1x Morris Retractors Single Ended 230mm1x Langenbeck Retractor 21cm Sharp Blade2x Scalpel Handle for Surgical Blade6x Allis Tissue Forceps 4×5 Teeth 19cm1x Mayo-Stille Scissors Curved170 mm1x Ligature Spencer Gum Scissors Straight1x Mayo-Hegar...