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Orthodontic Pliers description and usage

Orthodontic Pliers with dental point logo in middle

Orthodontic Pliers description and usage

Orthodontic Pliers

In addition, Most orthodontists and general dentists who perform orthodontic work keep several pairs of orthodontic pliers on hand.  These pliers can be used for a variety of specific tasks, including arch wire work like loop forming and contouring, as well as torqueing and placing stops in the arch wire. 

What Types of Orthodontic Pliers Are Available for My Practice?

Band Removing Orthodontic Pliers

As the name implies, band removing orthodontic pliers help remove bands, brackets and adhesives. Construction material should be high-grade stainless steel or steel with a chromium and carbon blend. There may be a replaceable plastic pad on the end of the tip for proper occlusal counterforce. They should be corrosion resistant and autoclavable. The grip should be comfortable and long enough for proper accessibility. Be sure to choose a reputable vendor who uses high quality construction materials.

Hollow Chop Orthodontic Pliers

 In addition,  These pliers work well on stainless as well as nickel titanium arch wires up to 0.020 inches. Choosing orthodontic pliers forged from surgical grade stainless steel can help ensure strength and durability as well as corrosion resistance. As with any orthodontic tool, sterilization is important, and a product that is fully autoclavable is an advantage.


Tweed Loop Forming Plier with Cutter TC GOLD

 These pliers have specially designed tips to facilitate the creation of the loops in wires of different shapes, so be sure to have pliers designed to work with the wire you are using on a specific case. Usually fabricated from stainless steel, these pliers should be durable, autoclavable and ready to handle all your loop forming needs.

Hook Bracket Orthodontic Pliers

 Hook bracket orthodontic pliers are used for removing brackets with hooks. firstly, These pliers feature specially designed tip that can gain a hold of the brackets without damaging them. A variety of hook bracket pliers are available with different tip lengths and angulations. 

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