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Dental pliers for invisible braces!

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Dental pliers for invisible braces!

Pliers in Australia are fundamental instruments used in the dental clinic, and they can be used in simple everyday treatments or in more specific scenarios. But today their uses go even further!

Over the last few years, new models of pliers have emerged, created to adapt to current needs, such as the pliers used for invisible braces in orthodontics. In this article we’ll tell you about the number one system in orthodontics with invisible braces (Invisalign) and we will also introduce you to the new pliers from the premium brand of Dental Point.

dental pliers for braces

Aesthetic Invisalign orthodontics: what is it and what’s it for?

Invisalign is a method of invisible orthodontics which aims to correct teeth alignment. It’s approach has become very popular amongst young people in recent years.

What is it for? Very simple! The aim of Invisalign is to achieve a perfect smile, where the teeth move gradually over a period of months until the desired final position is achieved.

  • Revision every few weeks
  • Maintain proper and adequate oral hygiene.
  • The aligners should be used 24 hours a day except for mealtimes and brushing teeth.
  • Avoid Biting down on the invisible braces.
  • Avoid placing the aligner in hot water.

Now, for Invisalign and the rest of the invisible braces, specific clinical instruments are necessary to carry out the treatment efficiently. Do you want to know what they are? We’ll tell you about them!

What instruments are essential for treatment with invisible aligners?

As in a traditional orthodontic treatment with brackets, dental instruments are also necessary to carry out invisible orthodontic methods. And without a doubt, the most fundamental instrument is pliers. Pliers will help you to achieve the desired shape of the aligner with the objective of avoiding mistakes or errors in teeth alignment.

At Dental Point, we try to make it easy for you and offer you the best materials for your dental clinic, so we couldn’t miss the invisible orthodontic pliers in Australia.

The main advantages and characteristics of these instruments are that they comply with the most demanding quality standards. Here are all the details about these pliers for invisible aligners.

The Vertical aligner pliers

This plier is ideal for making a vertical notch in the aligner as an aid for rotational movements. Moreover, It is designed for splints and invisible orthodontics, specifically to accentuate the correction of a vertical rotation of the tooth.

  • Rockwell hardness 48 (HRC).
  • Sterilisable.
  • Highly resistant.
  • 12.5 cm in length.
 The Vertical Pliers

The Horizontal Aligner pliers

This plier allows the aligner to accentuate the torque of the tooth root by means of a horizontal notch. It aids in the retention of aligners.

  • Torque pliers
  • Laser-welded active parts.
  • Can be sterilised.
  • Rockwell hardness 48 (HRC).
  • Length 12.5 cm.
 The Horizontal Pliers

Round Hole Punch Aligner Pliers

The function of this model is for cutting. It creates a circular cut in the aligner in order to cement a button for attaching elastics. Thanks to its precision it does not cause any discomfort for the patient.

  • Round hole punch pliers.
  • Specialised for invisible orthodontics.
  • Resistant and sterilisable.
  • Laser welded active parts.
  • AISI 410 Stainless steel.
 Round Hole Punch Pliers

That’s not all! These products are also available on our website:

  • The Indentation Plier: cuts a groove in the aligner, acting as a hook to work with the elastics later on.
  • Pressure Point Pliers: used to make pressure points in the form of small bubbles on the aligner.

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