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Improve Suture Practice Pad Suturing Skills

banner with improve your suturing skills written on it and regular suture pad with surgical tools and suture pad suturing view on the background

Improve Suture Practice Pad Suturing Skills

Dental Point suture pad is designed to replicate the anatomical structure of human tissue including 3 layers: skin, fat and muscle, to provide the best human tissue simulation possible.

Suture Practice Pad comes present with 8 types in 14 distinct wounds. Provides sample space for additional cuts and Improve Suture Practice Pad Suturing Skills. The large suture pad is 17 cm x 13 cm and will last and serve well for an extensive period.

By providing realistic textures in a variety of wounds, this silicone suture pad is extremely realistic in helping students close wounds in a real-world setting.

Moreover Features of Suture Pad:

  • Realistic design with veins, skin, fat, and muscle layers.
  • Durable design allows you to use your suturing skin pad over and over again.
  • Perfect for medical students, veterinarians, nurses, and emergency personnel to practice and perfect suturing and laceration repair.
  • Become confident during suturing procedures. Feel calmer and more in control when suturing in high stress environments.

In addition, From simple tissue pads that look, feel and suture like human, to complete technical skills packages for knot tying, injection, instrument handling and general suturing practice and to Improve Suture Practice Pad Suturing Skills, Dental point has solutions that help medical schools safely practice and perfect suturing techniques.

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