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 Importance of Adequate Suture Kits During Training

suture pad with doctor stitching using tweezer and forceps with suture surgical instruments around

 Importance of Adequate Suture Kits During Training

Suture training kit provided in educational programs are often of a low standard. These types of Suture Kits can waste resources and valuable time due to their substandard quality.

From the inaccurately developed synthetic tissue to the low-quality instruments. Some Suture Kits are in no way adequate preparation for real-life practice. With scissors that stick, scalpels that become blunt very quickly, and needle drivers that don’t close properly, any training using these low-grade pieces of equipment is not sufficient enough to prepare the practitioner for scenarios where they deal with real-life patients.

When faced with no alternative, the resulting experience gained from using these types of suture practice instrument sets will not be entirely translatable when faced with actual human tissue or animal skin.

Suture practice Kit Technique and habit formation develop early on during the learning process, meaning an inferior method previously used to compensate for the inferior nature of the instruments can lead to a substandard practice performed on patients. This could have serious consequences in terms of medico-legal ramifications.

However, this is not a cheap solution and can take a significant amount of time due to multi-sourcing and conducting product research.

Knowing this, Dental Point provides full-sized, high-quality instrumentation allowing learners to explore a much more realistic example in training, therefore gaining good habits and developing the correct techniques under a safe and supervised environment.

We are all conscious of the importance of practice, hence how paramount it is that the artificial scenario mimics the real one.


Our pads range from transparent singular layers. Multi-layered tissue simulators to dermal lesions, cysts and abscesses, as well as animal tissues.

Students practicing Suture Kits using specifically selected scalpels, sutures, and instruments. Will gain knowledge that will become fundamental when faced with real-life scenarios. Dental Point is proud to offer full-sized, quality practice instruments that allow students to develop the necessary skills.

The lack of difference between the real tissue and the fake medium coupled with the right tools means that students can transition to experienced professionals with greater ease.

Each layer of the material in a Dental Point suture pad has been made to a specific density and consistency, mimicking real tissue with incredible similarity. Each suture pad is different, and the variation allows for greater practice in scaling up the situation.

The dermal lesion pad has simulated moles and skin tags, making it ideal for anyone of several simulated biopsy methods. Its composition makes it suitable for any snip biopsy, punch, shave, or excisional work practice.

Similarly, the cyst/abscess pad offers a platform to practice removal and drainage, respectively, closure and suturing.

Our fully customizable kits:

prevent a one-size-fits-all approach, as we are able to switch out. A 3-layer pad for a 6-layer pad, an I&D pad, dermal lesion pad, etc., depending on what is required. With enough lead time, we can also accommodate specific instrument requests.

Our Real Suture Pad Suture Training Kit are provided in translucent, light, and dark skin. And come in a range of different thickness (1, 3, and 6 layers). All the instruments necessary are also provided, including a disposable scalpel, an Adson Tissue Forceps, 1 Stich Scissor, 1 Mayo Hegar Needle Holder. Each kit contains several pieces of sutures, so one pad can accommodate multiple stitches. Our 3-layer pad can hold up to 750 sutures, and our 6-layer pad can accommodate 1,500. The kits are provided in a useful rigid plastic case that is easy to carry and store. We want to support students and tutors by providing affordable and high-quality products. If you want to know more, feel free to send us an email or call us. We will be happy to provide the necessary information and a quotation for the order. Samples may be available upon request.

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